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Sump Pumps

A well-functioning sump pump always stays ahead of rising ground water, turning on automatically before the water level reaches your basement floor, ultimately moving the unwanted water outside of your house.


 What if you already have a sump pump?...


 It’s a stressful feeling to anticipate severe wet weather and wonder if your sump pump will perform as it should, as any weaknesses or deficiencies can result in a wet basement. To feel confident that your basement will stay dry, it helps to understand common sump pump problems and avoid them by making smart sump pump choices.


 RSR Construction will provide a free estimate to upgrade your sump pump system!


 Common Sump Pump Problems

• Under-powered pumps can’t handle high-volume water intrusion during severe storms.

• Power outages make pumps nonfunctional unless a battery backup system is used.

• Clogged intakes prevents the pump from extracting water from sump pit or sump liner.

• Frozen discharge lines can block pumping action in cold weather, forcing water back into the basement.

Burnt-outpumps can occur because of a faulty float switch or an overworked, underpowered pump. Cheap pumps made with inexpensive materials and components are prone to failure, especially when they’re needed the most, which is during wet weather.

 Please be advised that pumps may discharge to the sewer in older homes. This was once considered acceptable, however this practice may now violate code as it can overwhelm the sewer system. Homeowners are urged to disconnect and reroute sump pump discharge away from sewers. Some homeowners have inherited their sump pumps and do not realize that the pump discharges into the sewer…


And what if you don’t?


If your basement or crawl space doesn’t have a perimeter drain and sump pump system, don’t fret: You can trust RSR to provide quality work at a reasonable price!


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